Representing the work of Indigenous artists
Representing the work of Indigenous artists
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Dakk'ya (Frog)

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Dakk’ya (Frog) is a water element being. Frogs embody water when first born as a tadpole and transform into their new life. Water is life for all living beings who inhabit Mother Earth and so the spirit of the Frog ask for prayers in the form of rain or snow. You can hear them after our ancestors have blessed us with moisture here in Halona I:diwanna (Zuni Pueblo). A Cleansing of both physical & spiritual are also part of Frog’s medicine as well as emotional healing. Turquoise has spiritual energy - healing powers. Naturally, a pair of Frogs were seen in the rough stone of Nevada Number Eight Turquoise. These lovelies carved from Nevada Number #8 Turquoise weigh just over 1,000 carats, are detailed, meticulously water sanded by hand, and polished to a lustrous shine. Dakk’ya’s are inlaid with Tigereye and measure 4” long x 2 1/2” wide x 2 1/4” tall.